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Home Based Computer Business - Free eBook

There are literally thousands of different types of potential home based computer business that you could start. Fortunately, we have the marvelous Google to help us research what will most suitable for you or for me.

A good place to start is to decide what we are prepared to commit to our new home based computer business, before we actually begin researching for opportunities which might meet our criteria.

Here are three of the fundamental considerations:

1. Money

When starting any business, you can expect to pay some costs. These will normally be in several areas. You may need to purchase items before you can sell them for profit. You might need to pay a licence fee for the privilege of being in the business you choose. You may have to invest in marketing - it is unlikely that you will get your business off the ground without any marketing spend.

You may need to invest in new PC equipment. If your present PC configuration is aged, you could find it necessary to update or indeed replace your system. Also, there could be the need to buy new software in order to operate your business in the way which is most effective.
In summary, create a spreadsheet, and commit potential expenditure to it and work out how much you need to invest up front. Be honest with yourself. There is no point in under estimating your costs – your business will find you out. Also, it will pay you to be pessimistic in your sales forecasts. It’s a fact that 90% of business fail in the first few months. This is frequently due to the expectation of income being too optimistic. It will always take you longer to make that first sale. And it will always take you longer than you think to break even.

2. Time

The second major consideration is about how much time you can commit to your new home based computer business. This is another area in setting up your business which is usually under estimated. There are always unexpected activities which arise as you move forward.
You might plan to spend only a portion of your spare time hours in running your new business. What happens is that the time you are required to invest will stretch to virtually take up every waking hour you can spare. So be prepared.

3. Expertise

If you’ve never set up any business before, then you are at the worst end of the learning curve. Not only are you asking yourself to know all about your products and markets, you also have the unavoidable overhead of simply being in business.

When you set up your first business, and you are doing it single handedly, you have to be your own sales person, marketer, accountant, storeman, order processor, debt collector, payment processor, personnel department etc.

The keys are to be prepared, and to be realistic. It’s a big ask, and is why if you make it you can be very proud of yourself.

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